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Hardgainer Arm Workout

If you are a typical hardgainer then you are probably tall and thin with long arms and those long arms are difficult to get filled with muscle. When training arms the key to success when increasing muscle size is consistency. The muscle grows because of progressive resistance that is done on a regular basis.

The ingredients that are required to build huge guns for any hardgainer are your diet or daily nutrition you get and the compound exercises that you do as well as the rest or sleep quality you get. That will sort out the basic building blocks to increasing your overall muscle mass that you carry and not just your arms.

Once the three basic ingredients above are added you should always make sure that you are doing pull-ups and chin-ups whenever you work your back and biceps. Just as important is to make sure that you concentrate on developing strength in your triceps as the triceps are 75% of the size in your arms.

Arm Workout For Hardgainers

The movements that should be included in every arm workout if you are a hardgainer are listed below. It should be noted that for any hardgainer to add muscle the various muscle groups needs to be isolated so that the muscle separation is achieved making the arm muscles look a lot bigger than they actually are.

It is important to isolate the Brachialis when training biceps and doing movements like Barbell Preacher Curl or Cable Incline Curl. It is important to make sure that you concentrate on the long head or the lateral head of your biceps brachii.

The Brachioradialis can be isolated by doing Barbell Reverse Curl's or Reverse Barbell Preacher Curl and Cable Reverse Curl, which could also be done with a cable doing Reverse Cable Preacher Curl. When focusing on the triceps you should concentrate on the largest triceps muscle, which is the medial head, called the Triceps brachii.

This muscle is isolated with movements like a Close-grip Bench-press or Lying Triceps Extension using a barbell as well as on an incline or a decline. Plus there are other movements that also isolate the medial head like dumbbell kickbacks and triceps pushdowns using a rope.

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