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Hardgainer Ab Workout

The term hardgainer can easily be confused with a beginner who did not put on 50lbs of muscle in the first month or the tall skinny kid who never made it to the Mr. USA trials. Gaining muscle is hard work and if you are a typical Ectomorph who is tall and thin then it is going to be even more difficult but not impossible.

It just means that you are going to have to work harder than your friend who seems to put on muscle without even trying. It means that you need to simplify your workouts and not make them more complicated by doing the high volume sets and reps that you read in the latest muscle magazine telling you what the latest Mr. Olympia does for arms.

If you want to see your abs then you need to reduce your intake so that you lose the fat that is hiding your abs. But if you want to increase the thickness of your abs you need to get stronger with squats and deadlifts. This increases your core strength, which increases the thickness of your abdominals.

The training intensity that you train with and the weights that you lift in good form will get you the thick abs that you are looking for. If you are eating correctly and getting sufficient rest then you will see the results from your hard workouts even if you never train your abs directly.

If you feel that your abs are your weak link then it is advised by the experts that you focus on strengthening your abs by training them at least twice a week. It is best to start off doing movements like crunches and bent leg sit-ups with hanging leg raises for lower abs by doing:

3 sets hanging leg raise 15-20 reps with only 1 min rest

3 sets incline sit-ups 15-20 reps with only 1 min rest

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