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Hardgainer 20 Rep Squats

If you are a hardgainer who has been struggling to gain muscle then the 20 rep squat way of training will solve your problem. This is certainly not a new idea and was first presented by experts in the muscle building field over 50 years ago.

The 20 rep squat workout is tough because you are using a weight that you can do 10 reps with without a problem and you are doing 20 reps.

This is very intense training as by the time you get to the twelfth rep you feel like you are going to fail but you still have another 8 reps. It was originally developed using the theory that your body will be forced to adapt which means it needs to increase the lean body mass in order to provide your body with more strength.

It should be noted here that this 20 squat routine is high intensity and should not be done if you have only been squatting for 6 months. Your form and your specific technique that you use when you are failing on a squat are vitally important as there are far too many guys who have suffered from severe back spasms or a herniated discs from jumping into this very intense squatting program without perfecting their squatting technique.

The experts all agree that when starting the 20 rep squat routine that you only use a weight that is 50% of your 10 rep max as this will teach you to progress in the weight that you use while using perfect form. Any increase in the weight that you use for 20 reps will increase your lean body mass.

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