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Growth Hormone Release Workout

How to boost growth hormone naturally

It seems like every time you look at a picture of a pro bodybuilder their jawbones seem to be getting wider and wider and thicker. Synthetic growth hormone abuse seems to be pushing the pro physiques beyond the already freaky condition these men attain. The physical side effects are obvious and the negative physiological side effects are too numerous to mention and needless to say the long-term side effects are still to come. There are healthy and natural ways to increase your own growth hormone levels that will help you speed up your own muscle building efforts without looking like a caveman.

Growth hormone is produced by your anterior pituitary gland and is considered the most anabolic (muscle building) hormone in your body. It promotes protein synthesis and the burning of fat as a source of fuel. The use of fat over protein means that it is highly anti-catabolic and helps spare muscle tissue. It boosts insulin growth factor-l (IGF-l) which is a highly anabolic hormone as well. Other benefits of hGH include improved nitrogen balance, increased resting metabolic rate and enhanced rates of healing for fractures and wounds.

Growth hormone secretions average about four per day. That number isn't fixed though because some people average more and some less. The largest spike occurs about ninety minutes after falling asleep. In 1990, research performed by Kang on weight-trained subjects revealed some important insights about hGH. Workouts performed with sets of eight to ten reps, one minute rests between sets and heavy weights, boosted hGH levels 36% higher than other regimens using longer rests and lighter weights. This research also revealed that hGH levels peaked after 25 minutes of high intensity training but remained above baseline levels for up to an hour. This is the main reason we recommend to finish your workout within 50 minutes.

Another study done by Ballard in 1991 showed that the timing of your workout may affect hGH release considerably. Identical workouts were tested at four different times during the day: 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m. and midnight. Tests revealed that workouts performed at noon and 6 p.m. produced a significantly higher hormone release than workouts performed at the other two times. We feel it is important to train by 6 p.m. to take advantage of this increased hGH secretion. Your biological clock starts to wind down in the evening so training late at night will produce a minimal hormonal response and less results for your efforts.

One important point to be made about Kang's research. Though the results revealed higher hGH release with the use of eight to ten reps and one minute rests, after several weeks at this training level, hGH secretion dropped down. We feel that after several weeks of high intensity training, the hormonal output decreased due to over-work, over-stress and overtraining. Thus the reasoning to periodize your volume, intensity level, rep scheme, etc. There has to be a down-time in order for your neuro-muscular and glandular systems to recover for that next high intensity push. This reasoning falls in line as to why The Matrix System brakes down your Periods into three weeks of increasing intensity (Peak) and two weeks of lower intensity (Maintenance) training. As a side note, it's funny how many other training styles would reference this same study, pushing an 8-10 rep scheme and 1 minute rests, without telling you about the drop off in hGH after several weeks of this type of training. Hmmmmm.

Another way to optimize hGH release is to limit high glycemic carbohydrates before going to bed. These types of carbohydrates cause an excessive insulin response, which suppress growth hormone release. You don't want to put the breaks on when you're about to have your biggest spike of the day. The same reasoning applies to drinking sugar-loaded sport drinks during your workout. Your training is pushing hGH release up and your favorite beverage is pushing it down.

The final way to optimize growth hormone release is to stay between 10-12% body fat. Higher body fat levels have been shown to lower the quantity of hormone released. Going below 10% body fat will not cause any further increase in hormonal release and will slow down your muscle building efforts.

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