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Giant Set Training

Giant set workout

Pro bodybuilders discovered that the only way to go beyond the point of failure and "shock" the body into responding faster is by doing giant sets. Giant sets is a technique where you use four or more exercises for the same body part in a row with no rest in between as a way of increasing the intensity of your workout.

Giant sets force more blood into the muscle than is has become accustomed to, in your years of training. They have worked for pros to break plateaus, and they will work for you. Give them a try as a part of a well-rounded weightlifting routine, and you might find you can shock your body into growing!

Giant sets for chest

One should do giant sets for only 3 to 6 weeks, but not to keep it as a way of training on a permanent basis. The simple reason is that your body will adapt and you then will hit another plateau again so you need to change your routine to something else.

You are not resting between exercises means that you will be using a LOT less than your maximum weight to complete the set. But it is this that is causing you to go beyond the point of failure and do the maximum amount of damage to the muscle.

- One set flat bench press, 8 reps

- Jump to the next bench and immediately complete 8 reps of incline dumbbell bench press

- Jump to the dip rack and complete 12 bodyweight dips

- Jump to the flat bench and complete 8 reps dumbbell flies

- Jump to the floor and complete 12 slow-motion pushups

- Jump to the incline bench and complete 15 reps of incline dumbbell flies

- Move to the cable crossover machine and complete the set with 20 slow pec flies crossovers

This is only one set and after a couple of minutes rest (you should take a longer break when starting for the first time) you do your second giant set. The ultimate objective is to complete three of these sets to achieve the results that you seek.

Eating correctly and drinking plenty of water are taken as a given when doing this kind of training. But just as you are eating correctly you need to make sure that you are getting 48 hours rest (minimum) between these kinds of heavy workouts to speed up your muscle repair and growth.

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