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How to Get Big Lats Fast

Try This High Intensity Back Workout

A muscle's width can never exceed its length, so the longer a muscle is the more growth potential it has.

The latissimus dorsi or "lats", are one of the longest muscles in the body, they start right under the armpits and stretch all the way down to the waist.

This gives them a huge potential for growth, so much that Arthur Jones felt it was possible to build lats wider then your shoulders.

After inventing the Nautilus pullover and behind neck machines, which for the first time provided direct resistance to the lats, Arthur Jones put together a high intensity back workout routine that he felt would help get big lats fast and if worked hard enough could give someone lats wider then their shoulders.

Dorian Yates came very close to building lats wider then his shoulders, although he never did the exact routine below, but he did do high intensity training exclusively and used the Nautilus Pullover machine in his back workouts.

High Intensity Back Workout

All sets are to be done to failure with no rest between the following exercises:

Nautilus Behind-Neck
Nautilus Pullover
Lat Pulldown
Barbell Row
Negative Only Chin Up

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