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Free Weights vs Machines

Which is better free weights or machines?

By far, without question the number one reason why free weights are superior to machines when it comes to building muscle is because machines do not mimic natural motion. Secondly, an exercise regimen that centers on the use of machines has a greater chance of leading to trouble. While it is good to use machines when first beginning to strengthen an untrained body, it is safe to go to free weights within weeks.

Compound exercises that also challenge the body's internal balance mechanisms are going to sculpt all of the smaller peripheral muscles along with the major muscle groups. These are supportive muscles that strengthen joints, tendons, and ligaments but are not as visible or impressive as say the pectorals, biceps, or thighs. This is done by using free weights like dumbbells, plates, bars, and kettle bells. Machines primarily focus on bigger muscle groups alone, and this is not good for bodybuilding because it drastically increases the propensity for injury.

Furthermore when it comes to building muscle, form is more important than weight. Improving form shows better results overall than something as superficial as an increase of a single rep on a max set.

There are three planes of motion and they are frontal, transverse, and saggital. The majority of machines only train in either the frontal or saggital plane of motion. However, the bulk of injuries occur in the transverse, and because this plane is dependent on twisting and rotation most machines don't touch it.

Saggital is front and back like a chest press machine. Frontal is side to side like a shoulder raise machine. What machine allows you to twist and contort your torso and isn't only concentrating on oblique abdominal muscles?

The fact is, a vast amount of muscle is neglected when only using machines. This cuts down on the amount of metabolism boosting lean mass that can be built to assist a caloric deficit in lowering body fat and displaying a sculpted physique.

Finally, the amount of exercises that can be done with free weights puts machines to shame and builds a stronger, leaner, and more agile body.

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