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Flushing Principle

The flushing method workout

The flushing principal is a method that is designed to train a muscle group in such a way as to get maximum gains without reaching the point of failure. This flushing principal can be applied to any body-part and it usually done with a weight that is less than 60% of your maximum.

It involves holding an exercise tool with a relatively light weight, like a dumbbell, steady at various points during an exercise. When you do this you will force the muscle to hold a sustained contraction for several seconds, which helps increase muscle separation.

The flushing method is one way to add intensity and variety to the bodybuilding-training program and can be used for different parts of the body while performing different sets of exercises. Flushing sends the maximum amount of nutrients and blood to the affected muscle to help it grow.

An example would be holding a light set of dumbbells at your side and lifting them about six inches off your hips and holding them. After 6 or 10 seconds you then rise another 6 inches and stop for another 10 seconds. By this time you are getting close to failure so raise the last 6 inches and hold until failure is reached.

One can then move onto your forearms because in the flushing method, you concentrate on building each muscle within a group by making the individual muscle work, and make it grow through multiple sets of a single exercise.

This method saturates and trains muscles by increasing muscle fiber recruitment and providing more blood and nutrients to the muscles. If you want to flush your arms, you will work first on the forearm, and then on the biceps, before moving to the triceps and the deltoids -- resting a muscle while working up another.

So when moving onto forearms you would then select a movement that concentrates on forearms that could be anything from reverse curls to wrist curls. But the point is that whatever exercise you choose you will be taking a lighter weight and stopping three times during the movement to hold the weight.

Moving onto biceps you could choose any movement from dumbbells curls to barbell curls or even machine curls but again the important of doing the flushing principal is that you will be stopping three times during the movement.

You will then move onto triceps by selecting a movement that you could use to easily control and pause the weight in mid movement and stop for 6 to 10 seconds. The result will be a severe "pump" in your arms which is as a result of the "flushing" of nutrients and blood into the muscle group.

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