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Dropsets Workout

Drop Sets for mass

Dropsets are a workout that is advanced and should not be used by beginners or people who have been training less than at least a year. Doing dropsets is a way of going beyond positive failure and this is something that you really need to know what you are doing.

It is certainly not a new idea and has been used for over 50 years by some of the top weight trainers and bodybuilders that we know. The principal is basically to take your muscles past the point of failure and this is simply done by training high intensity but doing less sets.

You can do it with any movement although working it with bench press or squats can be a problem unless you have two spotters to help you change the weights. The system is simple as you are training your first set to failure and it goes without saying that this is after your warm ups have been completed.

You then lighten the weight and try to reach that point of failure again and it usually means getting a spotter to watch you depending on the movement that you are doing. It would be advisable to not go below 4 or 5 reps before you reach the point of failure and to rather train with a lighter weight.

Most weight trainers say that we should do 8 sets per bodypart and looking at the dropsets routine with only 4 sets it may look like you are short changing yourself. But this is not true as you are taking the muscles beyond the point of failure and it is like doing negatives.

Just like doing negatives you are straining the muscle to such an extent that it starts to break up and that means that you need adequate amounts of rest and good food to get the repair that is required after doing dropsets. Dropsets should not be done more than once a week on any bodypart.

We must assume that you are not taking steroids and this means that you need to be very aware of the damage you are doing to your muscles when doing dropsets. This means that rest is as important as the training that you do as it gives your muscles time to repair.

The main reason why dropsets work so effectively for building muscle mass is that you are training the muscle to the point of fatigue and this makes your muscles react to the stress that they are put under by growing faster and dropsets is a great way to break through any plateau that you might have reached.

Sample drop sets bicep workout

Barbell Preacher Curls: After a warm up take a weight that you can do for no more than 8 to 20 reps, and go to failure, have you training partner quickly reduce the weight by 20 percent and again do as many reps as you can to failure, again have your training partner take off 20 percent of the weight and go to failure once more.

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