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Dorian Yates High Intensity Training

Dorian Yates Biography

Dorian "The Shadow" Yates is one of the most successful professional bodybuilders of all time. Born in England, Yates made his first professional bodybuilding appearance back in 1990 at The Night of Champions. Yates decided to compete for The Mr. Olympia crown two years later.

He appeared in seven Mr. Olympia contests. He placed second in his first appearance. He went on to win six consecutive titles. This outstanding achievement solidified his place in The IFBB Hall of Fame. Yate's attitude, physique, and accomplishments made him an international superstar.

Dorian Yates Blood and Guts Training

In the beginning, Yates was not born with the elite genetics that is found in many other world class professional bodybuilders. This propelled him to travel down a unique path that would allow him to become a successful competitor. He adopted a system that was developed by the legendary Mike Mentzer.

Mike Mentzer was also a world-class bodybuilder who believed in taking an unconventional approach to muscle development. He believed that one could stimulate his or her muscles in only 30 minutes if the workout sessions were high enough in intensity. Mentzer felt that long workout sessions were not necessary for one to achieve exceptional results.

Mentzer's style of training appealed to Yates. He was always interested in packing a tremendous amount of mass on his short frame. He took some of Mentzer's concepts and made slight modifications. These modifications were suitable for his training regimen and goals.

Yates developed a proficient bodybuilding system that helped him acclaim his status as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. Dorian Yates Blood and Guts Training emerged once he started implementing the techniques. He was able to take his career to the next level after he used his unorthodox approach to developing a championship physique.

Dorian Yates has engraved his mark in the world of professional bodybuilding. He chose a unique workout approach that helped him make history. The Dorian Yates Blood and Guts Training System is currently being used by hundreds of amateur and professional bodybuilders around the world.

The Problem with Blood and Guts Training

Dorian relied too much on lifting heavy weights and always trying to lift more weight, this approach ended up giving him too many injuries including a torn bicep and a torn tricep.

Lifting heavier weight is only one way to increase intensity, to learn all the ways you can increase your workout intensity and results get the new HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual it contains the most up to date and effective information and workouts.

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