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Dorian Yates Arm Workout

Dorian explains that triceps are 70% of the size of your arm and having that horseshoe is not good enough. If you want your arms to look big you need big triceps and doing movements like kickbacks and pushdowns are just a waste of time if you want serious triceps.

He explains that if a heavy weight is not used when training the triceps to a lock-out position with all three heads being fully activated there will be no muscle or strength improvement. His explanation on doing a movement like triceps pushdowns using your upper body to press the weight down is a complete waste of time makes sense.

You need to use some serious weight if you want serious triceps and this means doing movements like close-grip bench-press or skull-crushers where a heavy weight can be used to help develop the triceps maximally. Dorian suggests using a power rack or a Smith machine if you don't have a spotter when doing close-grip bench-press with a heavy weight.

If you have a spotter then Dorian recommends 3 sets of 6-8 reps with a quick 60-90 seconds rest and then 2 or 3 forced reps with another 2 or 3 reps doing negatives. His second movement for triceps is incline bench triceps presses on a 45 degree incline doing one set to failure for 6 to 8 reps.

Dorian believes less is more when training biceps so he only trains his biceps for 10 minutes a week which sounds crazy for any bodybuilder, especially coming from someone that won Mr. Olympia 6 times in a row. His biceps workout is simple using only one set (3 sets for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders) for each movement listed below and taking it to the point of failure, like he does with all his workouts.

Dorian Yates Arm Routine:

Close-grip bench-press 3 X 6-8 reps, 2 X forced reps, 2 X negatives
Bench triceps presses 3 X 6-8 reps, 2 X forced reps, 2 X negatives
Alternate D/B curls 1 X 30 reps
Concentration curls 1 X 10 reps and 1 X 6-8 reps
Straight bar curls 1 X 6-8 reps
Cambered bar curls 1 X 6-8 reps

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