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Dinosaur Training Workout Routine

Dinosaur Training Review

Dinosaur training was started with a book written by Brooks Kubik and as he says himself it is nothing new. The reason why he calls it dinosaur training is because he uses the same techniques of training that were used 40 or even 50 years ago by the greatest men of real strength.

He talks about becoming obsessed with the idea of adding more weight to your workouts and he says there is no specific way to train as a dinosaur it is all in the attitude that you have. To quote him "you must use the raw, pulverizing power and brutal strength as your goal".

He certainly goes on about the so called "chrome and fern" parade and criticizes the fancy yuppies and their "buff and sulpted" sun-tanned bodies that lack the power to squat with 100 pounds for even one rep. He believes strongly in using barrels, bags, beams and even steel suitcases.

He is the first to say that these ideas are getting lost because of all the new scientific studies that have been done proving the best and fastest way to put on muscle. He believes the only way to train is with high intensity and there is nothing else that will get you stronger than training HARD.

The book is very entertaining to read if you are in the weight training game because he writes about things that you know he has been through himself. He talks about the only way to train is to train simple, direct and brutal. But in a nutshell he means hard high intensity training.

He talks about the many different definitions of what he would call dinosaur training and they range from single rep workouts to high rep workouts but ALWAYS with heavy weights and going past the point of failure. Anything that is less than that is a total waste of time as far as he is concerned.

He explains that dinosaurs do not use wrist wraps, elbow wraps, knee wraps, super suits or bench shirts. He says that all this fancy stuff is manufactured to make your workouts easier and that will not make you stronger it will make your workouts easier which is not the way a dinosaur trains.

He explains that there are trainers and there are dinosaurs and they are from completely different planets because the one type of person is trying to gain muscle to impress his/her friends and the dinosaur is trying to impress himself or herself which is a vitally important difference in the reason to pump iron.

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