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DC Workout

DoggCrapp DC Training Routine

DC training is also known as DoggCrapp training which is where it got its name but it seems that DoggCrapp has been replaced with DC which is not a bad thing considering the following that it is getting.

DC training uses the rest pause type of training and well as a combination of a few other methods but the rest pause are the basics. It is a good way to gain muscle fast because you are training beyond the point of failure which always gives great results.

The simple reason why one gets great results from this type of training is because you are recruiting the maximum amount of muscle fibers to the muscle that you are targeting. The result is that you are stimulating the maximum amount of muscle growth.

So when doing DC training one needs to get the 10 second rest correct and try to stay within that range and not go beyond 15 seconds. But when you do the set with the rest between reps you are doing at least 12 reps but also more are recommended when doing the DC training method.

Although DC training does limit the number of working sets per muscle group it still is a good way to gain muscle fast. The DC training method also recommends the static hold for the more advanced users of this type of training.

It should be added here that DC training as well as any of the known training methods that it incorporates like rest pause or static contractions are only for someone who has been training with weights for at least two years. This is not for someone who is a novice that has not reached their first plateau yet.

Because one is doing a relatively low total volume of work when doing the DC training method it enables rapid recuperation between workouts and a faster turnaround time. One should train the same body part twice every 8 days on a split routine.

The point of DC training is high intensity and this is achieved by doing and reaching failure and even beyond failure on a regular basis. But is short and sweet so the intensity is very high but not in a long drawn out workout which is why it results in fast and effective strength and muscle gains.

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