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Creatine Research

Creatine muscle gain study results

Dr. Volek, from Pennsylvania State University's Center for Sports Medicine, conducted a research titled, "Creatine Supplementation: Effect on Muscular Performance During High Intensity Resistance Exercise".

Twenty-eight men were separated evenly into a creatine group and a placebo group. The creatine men received 25 grams of creatine per day for only 7 days, while the placebo group received the same dose of an inactive substance. Both groups were tested prior and after supplementation in the bench press and squat. The creatine group experienced a significant improvement over the placebo group in peak power output in both lifts. The average increase for the creatine group over the placebo group was 18.4 pounds. That was only after 7 days without even a loading phase!

Overall, the creatine group also experienced an increase in body mass of 1.5 kg! These results show clearly that the size you gain using creatine isn't Just water... there's muscle gain that comes with the deal too!

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