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Continuous Tension Training

What is continuous tension training?

If you have been training with weights for more than a year then it is more than likely that you will have reached that dreaded "plateau" that you may or may not have heard about. If this plateauhas lasted for a while you will be tempted to try some radical new way of training.

But before you go over the edge you should first try getting back to the basics which are honest hard work and continuous tension. There is a very good reason that honesty is put in the same sentence as continuous tension because the one cannot exist without the other.

Continuous tension simply means absolutely no momentum at all and that also includes when you are at the bottom of the movement so that you do not rest up at all. For example doing a barbell curl you do not rest and let the weight hang down in your hands. This is vitally important if you want to get the results of continuous tension.

Continuous tension workout

Below is a brief workout that one can do for upper body movements in order to break through a plateau that you may have reached. The best way to break through any plateau is to first try continuous tension.

1. Bench-press: After grabbing the barbell you need to concentrate on moving the weight slowly down to your chest with tension in your chest concentrated on your pecs. Do not rest the barbell at the top of the movement but keep the tension and lower the barbell again without locking out.

2. Close-grip bench-press: Once you grab the bar you need to be completely psyched up to keep the tension constantly on your triceps and not lockout or rest at any time during the movement.

3. Military Press: Again after you grab the bar you will not be locking out at any time and you will be making certain that there is a continuous tension on your deltoids.

Continuous tension can and should be done on all body-parts where you feel you have reached a plateau. It can easily be applied to any movement but probably the most important part about doing continuous tension is the honesty that you need to have.

Continuous tension is going to start and finish in your mind so that you need to make sure that you are not cheating and resting at any point in the movement as this will only be defeating the point of doing it in the first place.

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