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Confused About Bodybuilding

What Is The Best Way To Work Out And Gain Muscle

Why has bodybuilding been flooded with so many different lifting systems, theories and myths throughout the years?

Back in the days when Steve Reeves was popular, lifters seemed to lift for hours upon hours doing hundreds of sets, working out seven days a week. It was easy to see where the stereotype of the bodybuilder being a self-absorbed bum came from. Following the typical workouts back then left little time to do anything else except lift, eat and sleep.

Many of the stars of the 60's and 70's were clearly much more genetically superior than the average person. Any lifting system that they followed gave them good results in spite of the fact that their routines were mostly inferior.

We have come a long way since then. We now understand that periodization, rep-manipulation, exercise selection, overload techniques, protein intake, rest, etc. all play an important part in our quest fof muscle mass.

The genetically gifted will always have an advantage but with the wrong approach will never reach their potential. While on the other hand, the average person following a carefully designed plan like the Matrix Mass System will attain levels of development that he/she could never have reached otherwise.

We must also stress that with the right diet and a high enough protein intake the metabolism of the average joe can me close that of the genetically gifted bodybuilder.

The Matrix Mass System is the best way to work out and gain muscle!

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