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Cheating Method Bodybuilding

Cheating principle

If you have been training with weights for a few years then you will know that intensity is a key to progressive resistance. If you want to continue putting on muscle you need to increase the intensity at which you train and one way to achieve this is by cheating.

When done correctly at the right time "cheating" can be a very effective way of increasing the intensity of your workouts and as a result get more gains out of them. But what is important here is to make sure that you are cheating at the right time and place in your workout.

Cheating workout

This article is going to be all about cheating and explaining it in relation to something we are all very familiar with which is barbell curls. However it must be stressed that this cheating principal can be applied very effectively for any movement.

From bench press to squats the principal is the same as described below but the example given is specifically for biceps or barbell curls. It all has to do with timing and this timing is achieved after you have done three or four sets with the correct form.

After the agonists have been completely exhausted by using strict control and proper form, use non-prime movers to assist in lifting a heavy weight for several more repetitions. This allows you to up the intensity and volume in order to make better gains in muscle size.

When you get to the point of failure where you simply cannot lift the barbell anymore. Allow yourself to bend your knees a little and use your hips to curl the weight up, and then use slow and controlled form to lower the weight back to the start position. Repeat until you've completed your final 3-5 reps.

It is important to note here that doing these last three reps as cheats is something that is only done when you have tried to complete the movement by doing correct form and technique. There is no point in throwing your back out trying to cheat beyond your ability.

Cheating needs to be done correctly otherwise it will just result in injury and you will be wasting your time. It is important to make sure that you are sticking strictly to a form and technique that reach a point of failure honestly. Cheating should only be done when you are trying to squeeze out the last two or three reps after failure.

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