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Changing Workouts

How to change your workout routine

Change is the stimulus that causes adaptation. This is something that we always have to keep in mind when we approach our weight training. Many times, trainees start to make solid gains in either strength, size both using a certain workout, they want to keep on going and repeat the workout routine until they ably burn out. Your body cannot maintain high intensity training for very long. Once your as adapted to a specific high intensity workout, adding more intensity simply overloads your system, not stimulates it.

Experts frequently recommend that you change your repetition range, or volume, to create a new stimulus. This is exactly what we have done for you in each of our Martix Mass workout periods. Each week changes and accelerates your training and then you are provided with a two-week maintenance phase that lowers your intensity dramatically. Give your body a break during these two weeks. Meaning, do not take your sets to failure. Do not try to lift new heavier weights. Do not rush from one set to another to complete your workout in a shorter time period. Follow our guidelines and slow down. This is vital to be able to once again push your intensity when the new peak phase when the next workout period comes up.

With a proper lower-intensity maintenance phase, you will see new gains during each peak phase throughout the year. We recommend when you begin the new period, change your exercises from the last period. Changing the exercises will modify the stimulus to your body. We want you to stick with the basic mass builders that include compound free-weight movements, just choose different ones. Stick with these during your three-week peak phase so you can increase your intensity and volume with that specific movement.

Remember, that the change in stimulus will allow your body to grow, but its your hard training effort that makes the whole thing happen.

To learn more about how to change your workouts for maximum muscle mass gains checkout Matrix Mass Training.

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