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Casey Viator High Intensity Training

Casey Viator Biography

Casey Viator won the AAU Mr. America contest when he was only 19 years old, this makes him the youngest man in history to ever win the title, a record, which will most likely never be beaten or even matched.

In his top condition, he is reported to have the following stats:

5' 10" tall
240 pounds
22" arms
58" chest
29" thighs
20 1/2" calves
32" waist

He also placed 3rd at the 1982 Mr. Olympia contest and many people felt he should have won that day, rather then the much smaller and less ripped Chris Dickerson.

Casey Viator Workout Routine

At the time he won the Mr. America contest Viator was being personally trained by Arthur Jones the inventor of Nautilus machines.

He had Casey doing High Intensity Training a method that involves pre exhausting the muscles and working them to failure, for short but brutal workouts.

For example here is the workout he did for legs:

Leg Press - 750 pounds for 20 reps
Leg Extension - 250 pounds for 20 reps
Squats - 505 pounds for 13 reps

He did all of the above nonstop, going from one exercise to the next with no rest in between.

Doing workouts such as these give him such fantastic results that when he stepped on stage at the Mr. America contest that year he blew everyone away.

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