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Calcium Pyruvate Bodybuilding

Does calcium pyruvate work?

Yes, calcium pyruvate really works!

Imagine a supplement that can force your body to lost fat. Now imagine a supplement which can force you body to lose fat with exercise that doesn't throw your heart into a sputtering frenzy. Sound too good to be true? Calcium pyruvate may be the answer, especillay for those who dislike that "wired" feeling that most fat loss supplements produce. It's the new kid on the block but, with years of research and clinical studies, it's certainly now a new product.

The excitement this supplement has created, especially within the fat loss industry, is understandable and it seems to only be the tip of the iceberg due to the extensive legal and commercial attention. But few people understand what pyruvate really is or does.

Pyruvate is compound, which occurs naturally in the body. It's a critical component to the Krebs cycle, which is responsible for producing ATP. This is the vital chemical fuel used for cellular energy. As far as this mechanism is understood, by increasing pyruvate, it increases the amount of fuel the cells use thus increasing the amount of energy they produce. It "turbo-charges" your cellular function thereby increasing energy, which explains the fat loss effect due to the additional calories burned-up in the process. What is not so clear is the primary fuel used comes from stored fat.

Dr. Ronald Stanko, responsible for bringing pyruvate into the limelight, has performed detailed clinical studies on human subjects for over two decades. Much of his life has been dedicated toward studying, what he considers a "phenomenal product". His research has indicated that it increases fat loss by 48% without exercise and boosts athletic endurance (stamina) by 50% while protecting precious muscle tissue from being wasted away. Pyruvate is also a powerful antioxidant, which has been proven to lower blood pressure (by7%) and cholesterol levels (by 9%) while inhibiting fat regain. Though this process is not clearly understood, when you stop using pyruvate and increase your calorie intake, you don't gain the fat back as quickly nor as easily. Even if not understood, this is a remarkable benefit which no other diet product can claim.

Best of all, pyruvate seems to be completely safe. Even at doses one hundred times the recommended amount, no side effect have been reported. Pyruvate can also be combined safely with fat burner supplements.

So what's the catch? There doesn't seem to be any. Studies indicate that this is as close to an ideal fat loss product as any ever made. We've tested two-grams dosages per day, which produced an average weight loss of 3-5 pounds after 4-6 weeks. Some people only lost a pound and the reasons "why" remain unexplained. Those which exercises regularly has the best results. It seems that calcium pyruvate helped boost the fat loss process after you stimulated your own metabolism through training. Some studies have reported faster results and higher dosages and these is continued research being done in this area. I will speculate that the bigger you are the more calcium pyruvate you may need but two grams seems to be effective for most propels. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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