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Breathing Squats

Breathing Squats Workout Routine

When it comes to high intensity breathing squats are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to "going the extra mile". Basically it is all about taking yourself to a place you have not been before and it is going past the point of failure with your whole body and not just one muscle group.

The result of doing this type of exercise is a radical spurt in HGH and it has a huge anabolic effect on your growth generally. It was started by Peary Radar who says that you should select a weight that you can do ten reps with and squeeze out twenty reps.

But there is a very specific way of doing it and he explains that the breathing is a vitally important part of getting to that point of complete physical failure. He says that you should take three deep breaths for each rep and that you need to concentrate on technique and doing the squat perfectly.

After you have completed the first set of twenty reps you should add another five pounds and do the same again. Obviously this is easier said than done but if you are in the right frame of mind to take it all a bit farther than you have ever gone before then you will get great results from this.

Breathing Squats Results

It all goes back to the proven effectiveness of intensity but squats takes the meaning of intensity a step farther because you are using your whole body to do the movement. It will pack on good quality muscle fast and you will get good results if you are prepared "to go the extra mile".

A little bit similar to the dinosaur training theory in that it takes the use of high intensity training to another level. As the dinosaur trainers say there is only one way to train and that is HARD.

The reason why you increase your lean body mass, all over when you do something like breathing squats, is that you are increasing the thickness of your chest as well as the thickness of your legs when you do squats.

But it will do more than that as the stimulus needed to take your body to that point of exhaustion is something that stimulates your HGH (human growth hormone). The result is that you will increase your lean body mass quickly if you are able to do these sets correctly.

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