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Bradley J. Steiner Workout

Bradley J. Steiner Biography

Bradley J. Steiner is no stranger to those who know about strength training. Mr. Steiner has written numerous articles for various magazines. He has penned over 30 books on various subjects, such as weight training and Jen-Do-Tao martial arts. His life's accomplishments are many and his dedication is unwavering.

Bradley Steiner's mindset concerning bodybuilding was fairly simple. He believed that drugs should not be used to achieve physical fitness. Hard work should persevere. He used simple steps to get results, such as how and why beginning trainees should train and the difference between exercises and principles. He also recommends simpler exercises to focus on bulking up and not using "fancy methods" that don't produce desired results.

Mr. Steiner is someone to be respected, even if you know little about strength training. He showed us how to be ingenuitive, inventive, and persevere. He showed many that taking the high road is well worth the effort and dishonesty is the way of the lazy, unmotivated person. Inspiration leaks from his every pore. He guides us to the way of the hard-working, honest person. Mr. Steiner is truly one of the great men in this world!

Bradley J. Steiner Books

12 Keys To Bodybuilding Success
Bodybuilding Mealtime
The Hard Gainer's Bible
The Shapely Physique, How to Achieve it Through Weight Training

The bad news is, the books Mr. Steiner authored are hard to find. Written in the late 60s to 70s, they are now out-of-print.

But the good news is, that many of Bradley J. Steiner workout and training concepts, along with new discoveries, went into developing the HITMAN training program. HITMAN takes high intensity training to the next level!

Even if you've tried HIT in the past, you need to get the new HITMAN High Intensity Training Program it turns HIT upside down and inside out!

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