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Boyer Coe Workout

Boyer Coe Bodybuilder

Boyer Coe was a professional bodybuilder, who won Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. International and Mr. Universe. At his best he was 5'7" tall and 215 pounds of ripped muscle, and was well known for his awesome peaked and split biceps.

In 1982 Boyer worked with Arthur Jones at Nautilus where he used high intensity training, and many feel it was this training that helped him compete in the 1982 Mr. Olympia without the use of steroids. That's right he competed steroids free! It is a certainty that no other bodybuilder on the stage that day was natural.

Boyer Coe Workout

Here is an example HIT routine used by Boyer Coe for his arms...

For biceps:

Ultra slow 1 rep chin up for 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down
then with no rest barbell curl to failure.

For triceps:

Ultra slow 1 rep dips for 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down
then with no rest dumbbell triceps extension to failure.

If HIT helped Boyer compete at the highest level in bodybuilding without the use of steroids, isn't it time you found out what high intensity training can do for you?

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