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Bodybuilding Workout Length

How Long To Workout For Building Muscle

One of the main pillars of the Matrix Mass System is the fact that the workouts are structured so that none of them go over the one hour mark. Why? Medical tests have proven that serum testosterone levels drop in the average person between 37 minutes and 60 minutes of training. This is the time frame you really have to work with to build the majority of muscle and avoid overtraining. Once you go over that time limit you start to stress the other resources of energy in the body that are responsible for recuperation and other bodily functions.

When you keep your workouts short and intense, your body immediately begins to re-build tissue after and recuperate from the stress of your workout. That's why it's important to consume amino acid supplements directly following your training. If you train, say an hour and a half, then your body has to use valuable resources to eliminate excess lactic acid, re-establish glycogen stores in the liver, stabilize your blood ph levels, etc. All of your energy that should be going towards building your muscles are now being used to bring your body back to equilibrium. Overtraining like this also knocks down that next workout the following day as well.

Training past an hour has many disadvantages physically as well as mentally. It becomes very difficult dragging your butt into the gym for those two-hour workouts day in and day out. This type of training, unless your using anabolic chemicals, become un-productive and unrealistic.

If you set your intensity level at a high enough level, then each training session should hard and short enough to keep you hungry for more.

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