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Do you want training and nutrition information from someone who knows the secrets to bodybuilding success?

Would you like to learn up to date workout and diet breakthroughs that can help you increase your strength, pack on lean muscle mass, and lower your body fat percentage?

Well now you can!

Our new Bodybuilding Audio will teach you the controversial yet effective methods for fully training and exhausting a muscle group in a minimum amount of time.

Here's just a few of the points we cover on this brand new bodybuilding MP3:

How to build muscle and lose fat all while maintaining optimum health.

Bodybuilding periodization training secrets.

How often to train a muscle group.

How long should you workout at the gym.

How to produce the exact stimulus needed for muscle mass increases every training session while avoiding over-training and under-training!

Strict form vs. cheating, which is best for building muscle mass .

How many reps should you do to build muscle.

Rep speed, how fast should you lift weights.

How long should you rest between sets.

How to workout for continuous muscle growth.

Five amazing new muscle overload techniques.

What are the best exercises for muscle building.

Are machines or free weights better for building muscle.

How to warm up before weight training.

What time of day is best to work out.

How much sleep do you need for muscle growth.

The exact ratio of proteins, carbs and fats your body needs.

How to increase your body's anabolic hormones, such as testosterone and hgh levels naturally.

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