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Bodybuilding Mistakes

The most common bodybuilding mistakes to avoid

A recent poll taken from personal trainers and fitness experts identified five of the most common mistakes made by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that train regularly concerning recuperation and slow results. Let's go over them.

1) Overtraining. The most common mistake made, especially when someone starts to make some noticeable progress. Training two, three hours a day, seven days a week and sometimes twice a day will wipe anyone out. Then what puts most people over the edge is adding in some intense cardiovascular training in an effort to get cut up. High intensity training for extended periods will make your progress come to an abrupt halt.

2) Inadequate Rest. If you're not getting eight to ten hours of rest regularly then you are going to limit the amount of effort that you can generate in the gym. Of course, some .of you can sleep five hours a night and train very intensely. Determination and will power go a long way but eventually your recuperative powers will give in. Rest adequately and your body will respond accordingly with faster growth and higher overall energy.

3) Poor Nutrition. You have eat the right amount of quality protein and low glycemic carbohydrates to fuel your body's growth. Eating junk food loaded with sugary carbohydrates and saturated fats will not only make you look like hell, you will feel lethargic and moody as well. The number one mistake we See with our personal trainees is the insufficient protein they eat on a daily basis. If eating meat, eggs, fish, etc. three to four times per day is difficult, then we suggest protein shakes They are convenient and you'll know exactly how many grams you're consuming. As far as quantity, we recommend 1-2 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. It's easy to figure out and a must if you want fast results.

4) Stress. Worrying about problems and dealing with difficult situations everyday is not anyone's idea of fun living. Stress causes cortisol secretion, which eats up protein (muscle tissue) and depresses your immune system. It is a very powerful catabolic hormone. During particularly stressful times in your life you have probably noticed its effects by feeling tired, mentally confused, losing bodyweight and usually catching a cold.

5) Variety. Following the same program, at a high-intensity level, as you know, will burn you out. Also training at a ho-hum, low intensity level will leave you un-motivated and with no real results Though low intensity training will not hurt your recuperation, it will not benefit you unless you are periodizing your workouts and using the low intensity period as a recuperation phase. Also, using the same exercises for months at a time will slow your progress because you adapt to the same motions and stop getting the full benefit from your training Change exercises from period to period.

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