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Core Exercises for Bodybuilders

The best core exercises for bodybuilding

Core exercises (mass builder exercises) are the most productive movements in weight training. They trigger Maximal Fiber Stimulation, which activates the most muscle fibers possible through the interaction of stabilizer muscles and the use of multiple muscle groups during the lifting effort. There are not very many machines, if any, that can replicate these proven exercises.

The movements, which are considered core exercises for bodybuilders, have proven to be the best mass building exercises ever used. They are compound, multiple-joint movements which allow you to lift more weight because they do not isolate any one muscle. If you've ever had the opportunity to see natural bodybuilders train off-season you would see them doing all BIG movements like deadlifts, bent over rows, incline barbell presses, military presses, squats, close grip bench presses, barbell curls and standing calf raises.

Big movements create maximum hormone release and growth. Don't waste your time trying to grow by only doing isolation exercises on some nice shiny machine. Only if you're loaded with steroids are you going to get big arms by doing high reps of concentration curls and tricep kickbacks.

The best core exercises for bodybuilding are the movements that you should include in every workout. Not all of them in a single workout, just one of them. For example, if do three sets of back, chest, biceps, calves and two sets of forearms. That means you do one exercise for three sets for that bodypart. An example would be 3 sets of bent over rows for back, 3 sets of dips for chest, 3 sets of barbell curls for biceps, 3 sets of standing calf raises for calves and 2 sets of barbell wrist curls for forearms. Do not do three sets of all exercises for each bodypart - you will be wasted if you do!

Now, when you move into 5-8 sets per bodypart or more you should chose two or three exercises for a bodypart, Just make sure that at least one exercise is a core exercise.

The reason you have several movements for the same bodypart is that you need the variety of being able to choose different movements when you feel the need. We recommend that you select and stick with the same core exercises for at least six weeks.

Changing exercises occasionally is an important part of the process that keeps your body stimulated and growing.

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