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Bodybuilding at Home

Tips for bodybuilding at home

Although most people will advise you that in order to do bodybuilding effectively you need to join a gym, this is actually not true at all. You do not need a whole lot of fancy equipment in order to be very effective at putting on muscle in your little gym at home.

In fact if you want to be creative you could train to failure and put on serious muscle only using a cheap $20 door pull-up bar. For your pushing movements like chest and triceps you will need to do incline press-ups with your feet up against the wall. Or do dips for your triceps using a weight on your lap and a bench to lean on.

In order to do these exercises correctly and get good results you need a plan and that will be a plan that insures progressive resistance. For example when doing legs and you are doing slit squats or standing lunges with a weight on your back you need to be weary how you do that.

But the most effective way to get results is by writing down your routine and how many sets and reps that you do, so that you can monitor your progress. The objective is to discover the point at which you reach failure which is what every workout of any bodybuilder is trying to discover or change.

If you are fortunate enough to have a good set of free weights in your garage or your home gym then you should be careful of reaching failure. Although reaching the point of failure is your objective when you are training, you need to be very careful that you do not get stuck under a weight that you cannot lift.

The best and by far the most effective way to deal with this is by simply training with a partner who can "spot" for you whenever you might be reaching the point of failure. This is important and should not be done without someone around in case you get stuck.

The best place to start is by doing three sets of ten repetitions each and to make sure that you are working with a weight or an angle that will stress your muscles to a point of "close to failure". This should means that when you get to the last rep on the last set that you can only just finish before you fail completely.

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