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Bodybuilding and Stress

How To Deal With Stress So You Can Have Better Workouts

Allow your body to recover by minimizing other strenuous physical activities. Relax each day with a warm shower or sauna, a light massage or by reading.

Proper relaxation allows your body to recover from the training stresses you place on it. The better you recuperate, the more intensity you can muster during your next workout and the faster your muscles will grow. If you're constantly fatigued, your progress will be slow or even nonexistent, and your health will suffer.

To have better workouts, you should minimize other outside physical activities. If you're playing a lot of racquetball or basketball, you may be reducing your ability to recover. You could find yourself in a state of overtraining, which will bring your gains to a halt.

Before you begin your training session, let go of your daily worries and focus on your workout goals. After each session, allow your body to wind down and attain equilibrium. A warm shower or sauna can help you to achieve a relaxed state. Or, you could watch a movie, read a book or listen to music. Try to maintain an optimistic frame of mind throughout the day. Stress can burn up a lot of mental and physical energy, and you want to channel as much energy as possible into your workout program.

Note: The single source of all your stress, worries, unhappiness and self-doubt is your reactive mind which is the hidden part of your mind that stores all your past painful experiences. Dianetics is the only method that can get rid of the reactive mind. Read the book Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard and you will never be the same again!

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