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Bodybuilding 100 Rep Sets

100 reps for bigger muscles

The principal of 100 rep sets sounds like it is contrary to the principal of building muscle. The truth is that it will help build muscle but will not be building muscle directly. The advantages are an increase in strength, vascularity, muscle fullness as well as endurance.

It is easy to set up as you will be doing one set per body-part of 100 reps reps and you will be training you whole body. Although you will be working primarily your slow twitch muscle fibers you will definitely achieve hypertrophy stimulus of your slow twitch muscles.

It is important to know that doing 100 reps is going to be stimulating your circulatory system and your blood vessels. Arteries carry blood to the tissues of the body and the veins bring the blood back to the heart. You are stimulating the capillaries when doing 100 reps.

The capillaries are very small and get to a point where only one red blood cell can fit through at a time. THAT is where oxygen and nutrients get delivered to the muscle cells and THAT is absolutely critical for building muscle.

The bottom line is that these microcirculation will improve the way that your muscles get nutrients as those little blood vessels where food and oxygen feed your muscles. The result will not only be something that you will feel better, fitter and stronger but you will live longer too.

Increasing the capillary density in a muscle is part of the growing process and doing 100 reps will get results. When doing training like this there is a very good chance that you will get sore when you do it the first time. But this type of soreness is not necessary going to improve muscle growth.

Unlike other muscle soreness that one gets when you train heavy this type of muscle soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is something a little different. Basically you are improving the plumbing and this will give you results in the long term.

The reason why you are going to get results and muscle gain in the future when you do this type of training is because you are literally forcing more blood cells through. This will have the long term results of actually creating new capillaries.

This happens by the forcing so many blood cells into the target muscle group for a long period that the result is a traffic jam of blood cells. Your new capillaries are created in order to deal with this traffic jam and handle the overflow.

Intensity is the key as always but when doing 100 reps you should still make sure that you are not resting too long between sets. With a rest of 90 seconds between these sets you will be able to finish a complete body workout of 100 reps per body-part within 45 or 50 minutes.

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