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Add 1 Inch to your Arms

Tips for Bigger Arms in 4 weeks

Finding the best tips for bigger arms in 4 weeks can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task when you're a newbie, just starting with weight lifting routines. This is why we decided to give you a hand and create a very short list of things you should know before starting to work your arms out. By following these suggestions you'll manage to add an inch to your arms in a smart and healthy way!

Know your muscles before you add an inch to your arms

The most important muscles in your arms are the biceps and triceps. The biceps are located in the front side of arms and they get contracted during the bending movement. Triceps are on the backside of your arm and are contracted during the straightening movement.

Biceps are for pulling and triceps are for pushing. To build biceps you have exert positive movements like lifting something and bringing towards your chest, while for triceps you have to exert the opposite movement. These are the first things you have to know in order to add one inch to your arms.

The most efficient exercising tips for bigger arms in 4 weeks

Now when it comes to exercises, the foremost tip is to find the exercises that will enable you to develop a triceps size of around 65 percent of the total size of your arm. This means you'll have to work on building them as the larger the volume is, the more impressive the growth will be. Keep in mind that triceps recover much more quickly than the biceps therefore it's recommended to work your arms twice a week. Start with high intensity exercises on the first day and continue with lower weight for higher reps on the second day, to avoid damaging and overworking your muscles.

Barbell curls, Dumbbell curls and flat-preacher bench associated with close grip curls are some of most popular exercises that help you add an inch to your arms in the right way. Obviously, if you never did this kind of workouts before you should ask your instructor for proper guidance.

Skull crushers, dips and close grip bench press are also among the most appreciated triceps exercises. Higher reps of cable work improve the blood flow thorough your arms therefore they give you the much wanted pump and also help in active recovery.

Make sure also that you increase your pull-up and bench press exercises intensity and try to keep the sets around 6 to 10 reps for both biceps and triceps. Get enough rest after a demanding weight training day and keep an eye on your diet as well, as eating healthy is a crucial step for gaining lean muscles. Now start applying the above tips for bigger arms in 4 weeks and you'll see how your body starts improving its appearance and gains more definition!

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