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Big Biceps Workout Plan

How To Get Big Biceps Fast

Who doesn't love big biceps? How many times have people asked you to show them your muscle and you roll up your sleeve and show'em what you've got? It's a bodypart that is so admired that it's easy to overtrain it. The bicep is a small muscle. It moves the lower arm toward the body and turns the wrist inward. Any exercise that you perform should have some element of it's function.

The barbell curl is by far one of the best mass builders. Use a shoulder wide grip and squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement. Avoid the EZ curl bar because this rolls your wrists in (pronates) and doesn't allow the bicep to contract fully. Cheating up the last couple of reps is perfectly acceptable and actually preferred to stimulate the maximum amount of muscle fiber.

The next exercise IS the standing dumbbell curl. This allows you supinate (turn your wrists towards the outside of your body) and fully contract the bicep like no other movement can. We prefer alternate dumbbell curls so that you can fully concentrate on each contraction.

The final bicep mass building exercise is the pull-up. You will find that you will exert considerable effort in just stabilizing your body from swinging back and forth. This is what makes the pull-up such a great mass builder. People don't like it because it's difficult but it's an important exercise to include in your routine. If you are particularly heavy then you may have to stick with barbells and dumbbells since you won't be able to get enough reps to stimulate growth. Use these exercises and start growing big biceps fast!

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