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Beyond Failure Training

Beyond Failure Training Trevor Smith Workout

Training beyond the point of failure is not for sissies and certainly not for novices or anyone that has been training less than two years with weights. It is all about taking intensity to the next level and it is without a doubt something that is painful and draining.

There are a few requirements that you need to prepare before you start going down the road of training beyond failure which is something takes guts if nothing else. The first and probably the most important is to find a spotter or training partner who knows what they are doing.

The second is to psyche yourself up for an intense workout that should last no longer than 45 minutes at the maximum. The third aspect is that you should not train like this for more than 6 weeks at a time. The last point of preparation is to train only once a day and a max of 4 times a week.

What you are doing then is selecting a weight for a movement like squats or bench press is which would be about 80% to 90% of your max. You will then start to fail on the second or third rep of your set and this means that your spotter needs to take off about 30% of the weight on the concentric movement.

You will be 60% stronger on the eccentric movement which in the case of doing bench press will be when the bar is coming down to your chest. This means that your spotter does not need to help you to get the weight down but only to help you get the weight up.

After your first three reps you will start to feel some serious pain in your chest and triceps and this is when you now start to train and go beyond the point of failure. The only way that you are able to lift the weight is because your spotter has helped through the weakest points of the concentric movement.

If you are going beyond failure when squatting then you need to make sure that your spotter is a bit taller than you ideally. But even if he/she is not taller than you, they need to know how to help you through the completion of the squat without affecting your balance or movement.

Going beyond the point of failure can certainly be done on multiple sets and you need to be able to psyche yourself up to be able to get into the pain of reaching failure. There are a number of advantages of training beyond failure and the new muscle mass you gain will be only one of them.

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