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Beginner Weight Lifting Routine

Good Beginner Weightlifting Workout

Q. What's a suggested beginner weight training routine?

A. Beginners, as well as advanced, should stick to the basic exercises. Basic is not meant as -beginner- but as an exercise that uses a lot of muscles. Rest is very important. During the actual weight training the muscle is broken down, it grows/rebuilds while it's resting, usually taking 48-96 hours. So a program should also have "days off". A beginner should also exercise the whole body. Beginners also need to find the correct weight to use. Generally the weight should be heavy enough so you can do 10 reps, with the last couple being pretty tough. If you can do 11 then raise the weight slightly. You should keep a log and write down the sets and poundages you used. Slowly up the weight when you can do at least 10 reps (work set). Don't get all wrapped up in how much weight you can do. Focus on good form and think about that muscle doing the work. Weight and strength will come with time.
Okay, here's a basic beginner exercise program, it is by no means "THE" only program, it's just meant as a guideline:
Done every other day, then 2 days off. (typically M-W-F, weekend off)
Warm-up: 5-10 minutes
Squats: 2 sets of progressive warm-ups. 1 work set
Deadlifts: 2 sets of progressive warm-ups. 1 work set
Bench Press: 2 sets of progressive warm-ups. 1 work set
Pull-ups/downs: 2 sets of progressive warm-ups. 1 work set
Cool down & stretching: 5-10 minutes.
All of this should take < 60 minutes.
After 1 month of this you should add another set to your work out.
After 1 month of this (month 3) you may add another set to your work out and stay with this for 3 months then take a week off and add exercises as needed. The idea is to slowly add weight(1-5 lbs) per week and do the same number of reps as you did before. If you can't do that weight then try it again next week. If you still can't do it the next week, then you've hit a temporary plateau, and should more on to using the workouts in the new HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual.

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