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Weight Lifting Injuries

How to avoid weight lifting injuries

Weight lifting is potentially one of the most satisfying and rewarding activities you can become involved in. From every workout, week-to-week and month-to-month, you can re-shape, change and strengthen you body to suit your goals. With proper training and diet, the benefits are quickly apparent.

On the same note, weight lifting can also be quite dangerous. You should always be focused and careful when going through each workout to avoid weight lifting injuries. Here are some key points to follow so that you can avoid damaging your body.

1) Always increase your poundages by small increments. Just because you may feel particularly crazy one day, don't add on more than 20% of the weight that you usually lift.

2) Don't go full bore on a new exercise or one that you haven't performed in a while. Break in new movements with lighter weights and slowly work your way up.

3) Stay within 3 weeks of a high intensity training cycle. Going beyond 3 weeks of all out training increases your chances of injury and overtraining.

4) Avoid super-wide bench presses (flat, incline or decline) and wide overhead pulldowns. These awkward positions can severely damage the shoulder structure (rotator cuffs) and are of no benefit.

5) Never train through joint pain. As soon as you begin to feel pain in your joints while performing a certain exercise, stop using that movement. For severe pain, seek medical attention. For occasional pain, many times you cap train around the irritated area by using different exercises and lighter weights.

6) Don't let your shoulders relax in the arms-extended position in any pull-up, pulldown or row. Keep your shoulders tight and safe.

7) If you can't make yourself stop training when you have a minor flu or cold then make sure not to use more than 75% of your usual training weight. When you're sick, your balance and tendon strength is not at full capacity. Give yourself a break!

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