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Arthur Jones High Intensity Training

Arthur Jones Biography

One of the most prominent fitness gurus in the world was a man by the name of Arthur Jones. Jones was born in November of 1926 in Arkansas and died in August of 2007. He was the founder of the company known as Nautilus Incorporated and MedX Inc. With his company he developed and invented exercise machines such as the Nautilus pullover. Jones grew up in Seminole, Oklahoma. During his lifetime, Arthur Jones came up with many ideas that helped show the public a new side of bodybuilding and strength training. He came up with the concept of High Intensity Training. This type of training consisted of short and single sets that provided people with the most amount of intensity per workout. With this method, people are able to maximize muscle growth. Among the most famous people to have trained under Jones' methods were Eddie Robinson, Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer, Sergio Oliva and Dorian Yates.

Over the years, Arthur Jones came up with publications such as the Nautilus Bulletins which describe the truth and disprove myths of exercise and strength training. In the year 1977, the film Pumping Iron came out and showcased all of his exercise equipment to the public. Nowadays, Nautilus markets the Bowflex products along with the Stairmaster so his impact on fitness has lasted past his lifetime.

Arthur Jones Training Pros and Cons

One of the main aspects of Jones' legacy is the High Intensity Training. This type of exercise program consisted of brief, infrequent and intensive exercise routines. The core principle of this training method is that exercises are performed with lots of effort and intensity. As a result it will most likely stimulate the entire body and allow for maximum size and strength of the muscles. This method is highly esteemed by advocates as opposed to other methods which emphasize lower stress and submaximal sets.

As far as the pros, the main advantages of this type of exercise is the fact that the high amount of weight will help push the body and increase strength and mass over time. It will also help give people a great workout and allow them to save time as they won't have to exercise as often.

However the cons can be that the lack of training on a regular basis can prevent endurance and consistent muscle development. This method can also be unsafe as people can risk getting injured by lifting too much weight. And also that always training at 100% intensity without some lower intensity periods can quickly lead to burnout and overtraining.

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