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Arnold Schwarzenegger Back Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still thought of as the "King of Bodybuilding", and people today still want to train like and look like Arnold.

One of Arnold's best body parts was his back, he had wide and thick lats that were also ripped, as a matter of fact in the movie Pumping Iron, Ken Waller said that Arnold's back "Looks like a roadmap back there, with fingers all over it."

So are you ready to give Arnold's lat workout a try?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Lat Workout

For back width he did front wide grip chin-ups for 6 sets to muscular failure.

For back thickness he did first t-bar rows for 5 sets of 6 to 10 reps,
followed by seated pulley rows for 6 sets of 6 to 10 reps,
and then one-arm dumbbell rows 5 sets of 6 to 10 reps.

Lastly for his lower back he did Straight leg deadlifts for 6 sets of 15 reps.

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