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Anabolic Burst Diet

What is the Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet?

We have researched and tested many diets and nutrition programs, and one of the best we have found is called the Anabolic Burst Diet which was developed by a Swedish scientist named Torbjorn Akerfeldt, this diet has proven to be a remarkable program for building muscle mass and power very, very quickly. Torbjorn Akerfeldt has done some extensive research on the physiological aspects of this approach. Here's a rough summary on what its all about.

The Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet is a system in which you increase your calorie intake for two weeks, gaining from 5 to 7 pounds and then dropping your calorie intake below your maintenance level and dieting for two weeks right after that. It is a bulking and cutting cycle, which last for a month. The idea is that you end up bigger and more defined with each cycle.

Also your workouts in each phase changes to take advantage of the hormonal shifts, which occur when you increase and decrease the calories you consume so drastically. The theory is that you stretch the muscle sheaths, increasing your total muscle growth potential.

We have fine tuned this approach so that the muscle building benefits are maximized and included our version of the Anabolic Burst Diet, with a specific training cycle in our HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual so you can experience these outstanding results for yourself.

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