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Bodybuilding Insulin

Insulin Use in Bodybuilding

Some bodybuilders use insulin to help build and enhance their muscles. However, the usage of insulin can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. When it comes to taking insulin for bodybuilding, the results are not good and there are more cons than pros.

Insulin Side Effects and Dangers

Some side effects of improperly injecting insulin are low blood sugar, increased heart rate, cold sweats, weakness, headaches, and fainting. More side effects include hunger, anxiety, and change in mood or personality. An overdose of too much insulin can unfortunately lead to coma or even death. One side effect or danger is that using insulin for bodybuilding can lead to obesity. Insulin acts as a hormone that your body already produces naturally through the pancreas. What this drug does is redirect energy after a person eats. This drug can cause a person to gain weight at a rapid rate if not careful. Another side effect is anxiety and unbalance blood sugar levels. Insulin absorbs glucose in the bloodstream for energy and can break down muscle tissue mass. Because of what insulin is, it can cause your body to stop producing its own natural hormones. Hypoglycemic side effects can be brought on due to the usage of insulin. Diabetes is a disease that can come about for a person using insulin inappropriately. This disease can be treated but not cured. Insulin can cause the blood sugar levels to fluctuate and become distorted. Having diabetes means taking medication for the rest of your life, eating specific foods at various times, and feeling drained of all your energy. Sadly, diabetes can also lead to death as well, and those who have it must monitor themselves constantly on a daily basis.

Avoiding Insulin

For a bodybuilder who is concerned about his or her health, steering clear of insulin would be wise. Using this drug obviously does more harm than good. Attempting to take insulin can destroy muscle tissue and cause an unwanted death. Coma or death is brought upon due to the fact that insulin can lower blood sugar and that is bad for the body. Any bodybuilder who injects insulin is risking his or her life. It is best if a bodybuilder simply avoids insulin all together. There are several safe alternatives that a bodybuilder can resort to instead of insulin injections. The worst danger or side effect to taking insulin is an untimely death.

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